Hope and Healing Through Christ-Centered Ministry


This is not a psychological test. It is an assessment tool to determine relational, emotional and spiritual issues that may be contributing to current behavior difficulties. All results are strictly confidential and may not be released without your written consent.

If you have been asked to take this assessment please click BCPE below. This will open the Personal Evaluation Login page. Type in the Username and Password exactly as it was emailed to you. Remember they are case sensitive.

The first time you log in you will be asked to enter a credit card to pay the test fee ($15 for an individual test, $20 for the Parent/Child test, and $24 for the Couples test). After the fee is paid, you will be taken back to the test page. You will need to reenter your Username and Password. Read the instructions for taking the test. Individuals may take their portion (s) of the test on separate computers at the same time. This can be taken from any computer were you have internet access.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There can be short delays between questions. Please be patient while the program runs. Please answer each question as honestly as possible. Answer the questions from the worst point in your personal life/marriage. Tests need to be taken within 25 days of notification before they are deleted from the website.


I knew that I needed to speak to someone as I was really hurting and needed to talk but it was very difficult for me to admit that my marriage had sunk to an all-time low like it did. . . He hit me between the eyes with a statement that really caught my attention. It is a statement I will never forget as long as I live. This was my true wake up call, literally — George stated that “if you lose your family because of ministry, you have already disqualified yourself from ministry.” Wow! By now theā€¦
Pastor MK