Hope and Healing Through Christ-Centered Ministry

Ministry Issue Counseling

Pastors, ministry teams and congregations face huge pressures today. Concerns over personality, methodology, theology, finances and other ministry needs tear at the fabric of unity. Unresolved issues fester only to promote additional problems of equal or greater magnitude. I have heard the questions hundreds of times. “Whom can we contact?” “Will they understand?” “Can they be discreet?” With over 30 years of ministry experience, 15 as a senior pastor, I can tell you, there is a workable solution in the majority of cases. Please feel free to contact us, we would be honored to work with you and or your leadership team.
  • Developing personal accountability
  • Conflict resolution: staff, boards, volunteers, parishioners
  • Church power brokers & strong personalities
  • Time management: workaholism, anxiety,  depression, burnout
  • Misconduct: ethical, financial, sexual
  • Career decisions
  • Forced termination
In 2008 I hit my rock bottom… Your faithfulness to Christ’s calling most likely saved my life, marriage, and family… You gave us a lot of guidelines that were extremely helpful in giving us hope, and which turned my behavior and habits around… Had you not been there, I’m pretty sure I might be dead by now.