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Messages at The Road in Colorado Springs

Visit The Road for additional messages from George Stahnke.

07.14.11 Sneak Peek of Future Shows Gene talks with George about the future of the show and why there's hope for every marriage.

08.01.11 Before You Get  Divorced

08.04.11 Help! My Spouse Has a Pornography Problem

09.01.11 Help! I'm a Victim of Verbal Abuse

10.09.11 God's Design for Marriage

Emotional Landmines Part 1: Lasting Marriages in a Disposable Culture

Emotional Landmines Part 2: Forgiving the Unforgivable

Emotional Landmines Part 3: Curing Chronic Discontent

Emotional Landmines Part 4: Loving Your Child Through Rebellion

10.2013 Dealing With Expectations

07.2016 Dealing With Grief

The Boundless Show by Focus On The Family - Short Interviews On Various Topics

fotf_mp3Ask for Her Hand: He's ready to pop the question, but he's still in college, younger than his girlfriend, and quite frankly terrified of asking her parents to entrust him with their daughter. Counselor George Stahnke provides guidance for requesting her hand.

Second Chances: If a guy's fallen back into a struggle with porn and masturbation, should he wait a certain amount of time before pursuing a relationship? How will he know when he's marriage-ready? Counselor George Stahnke shares some insight.

White Lies: He lied on his resume. He lied in his interview. What it got him was a high-paying job with lots of benefits. Surely telling a few lies to get ahead is OK, especially when you share the rewards with God. Not so fast. Counselor George Stahnke has another opinion.
fotf_mp3Finding Friends: Some friends come and go, but deep, lasting friendships require investment. Not only that, they require finding the right qualities in a person and then being a good friend in return. How can you make this happen? Counselor George Stahnke weighs in.
George was warm and friendly and always put us at ease. He was extremely encouraging and transparent, which helped us in discussion. We were given some valuable insights for our upcoming marriage.